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10 Awesome Free Stock Photo Sites Worth Checking Out

10 Awesome Free Stock Photo Sites Worth Checking Out

Going online is the probably the easiest way to look for visual content you need to post on your website. With just a few clicks, in a short time span you can find the just the right stock pictures for your post. Choose from thousands of pictures readily downloadable from iStock Photo and other major photo sites as beautiful as all of them are, not all of them however, are free.

But did you know that there are two major types of stock photographs you can find online? Let’s go get to know them, shall we?

Rights Managed (RM) Stock Photography. Though we’re talking about stock photographs, there will be a lot of factors going into the price of this type of image. The final price will depend on factors like usage, duration of the campaign, media, location, print run, size, exclusivity, and industry type. For this reason, RM photos cost more, but are often of higher quality.

Royalty-Free (RF) Stock Photography. Royalty-free doesn’t mean completely cost-free. It simply means the pictures don’t have ongoing royalty fees and can be purchased for a one-time, fixed price. These can be used multiple times, however, there are usually limits to the number of times these image can be reproduced.

Sites That Offer Free Stock Photos

free stock image siteFortunately, there are several noteworthy sites out there where you can find high-quality images that are free to use when creating your next post or improving your SEO marketing campaign. These sites offer an array of different images that could be perfect for your next post.

1. Gratisography

Photographer Ryan McGuire has a quirky style when taking shots. His images are high-resolution and ready for use anytime. The site is well-organized in a number of categories such as nature, objects, people, urban, animals, etc.

2. Pixabay

There are over 490,000 images and videos for both personal and commercial use available in Pixabay. Every picture is royalty-free and is covered under Creative Commons, which means they can be modified and commercially used either in print or online.

3. IM Free

IM Free is a very interesting stored images website. The visuals are a curated collection of different categories from Flickr, all for commercial use. The pictures which are royalty-free organized by themes such as technology, education, and nature. The site also provides templates, button makers, icons, and so much more.

4. Unsplash

Via an email subscription and on their website, Unsplash offers 10 new photos every 10 days. All photos are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means the copying, modification, distribution, and use of the photos are totally free.

5. Picjumbo

Picjumbo is a popular resource for social media images with over 5,427,891 downloads since it launched in 2013. It offers over 600 high resolution photos or a downloadable pack that includes all images as well as three Photoshop mockups in exchange for a donation of $10.

6. Stockvault

There are over 35,000 royalty-free images, graphics, and designs from photographers, designers, and students around the world hosted in this website. In the Free Stock Photos tab, anyone has access to a huge library of photos to use on social media.

7. Morguefile

Created in 1996, Morguefile offers photographs to be used in creative projects. The website isn’t strict on giving credit to the photographers or artists when their images are being used. It’s a great resource for all types of online posts.

8. Fancycrave

Fancycrave aims to provide emotionally driven images that tell a story. Two new images from professional photographers are loaded in the website everyday. It’s easy to navigate and they are known for stocking colorful and vibrant nature images.

9. RawPixel

RawPixel is known for having the most diverse collection of pictures around the web. They are trying to change the face of stock photography by starting the world face project that aims to photograph people from every nation in the world.

10. New Old Stock

Ever need a vintage photo and just struggle looking for them online? This is a great site that has curated hundreds of public domain vintage photographs that, to their knowledge, is free of royalties or copyrights.

9 Awesome Free Stock Photo Sites Worth Checking Out

You may also check these other free stock photography sites:

You can also check this page for more tips on finding the right image for your content.

So as you can see, running into any mental blocks when trying to come up with the perfect photo for your post or newsletter won’t be a problem any more! Bookmark this page so you always have it as a resource to thousands of free-to-use images online!

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5 Great Reasons Why Images Can Boost Your Posts

5 Great Reasons Why Images Can Boost Your Posts

In an age where snapping captivating photos can happen in a millisecond, images now hold the ace card in terms of engaging viewers. People are drawn to look at images of other people online as much as they love taking photos of themselves. Stilled moments caught on a digital camera and displayed online are seen by SEO marketers as one of the most powerful tools to engage target audiences.

Based on the latest statistic, “Top brands on Instagram are seeing a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21% which is 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Twitter.

Another statistic post shows us that:

  • 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, ahead of blogs (68%) and videos (60%).
  • 37% of marketers said visual marketing was the most important form of content for their business, second only to blogging (38%).
  • When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.

These numbers are proof that visually captivating images can boost your posts. But what makes them so effective?

Why Are Images So Effective in Marketing?

image page boost#1 They Create Brighter, More Appealing Posts

A picture compels viewers to read and creates a positive first impression about the post. When your page is just a block of boring text, it appears dull and lifeless, and visitors will mostly likely just leave the website without reading a word. Visually attractive posts give a sense of connection with the readers. And that connection is what you need to engage your audience, either through liking or sharing the post, or by following your site.

#2 They Create Better Page Structure

It’s easier to divide a whole block of text into several sections with the use of pictures. Divided texts with visually stunning pictures are far more inviting and relaxing to read versus a plain looking blog. Too much text to read scares people away. It gives a sense of intense reading which is less interesting (or uninteresting at all) to visitors.

#3 They Give a Sense of Having Longer Posts

There are some posts that do not need a lot of writing, and some are far more informative with the use of images. This is especially true for social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. If a post is titled “15 Kitchen Designs For Your New Home”, wouldn’t it make more sense if you show a gallery of unique kitchen designs than paint the pictures with words then expect the readers to have a creative mind? It’s just too much work for you and especially for most readers.

For more tips on effective Instagram marketing, check out this page.

#4 They Simplify Complex Information

If your topics are mostly technical with heavy use of jargon, bare words are usually not enough, especially for non-tech-savvy users. Or if you love writing about rare animals or plants, adding photos of these rare species help readers understand the complexity of the information you’re throwing at them. As much as possible, simplify the information through informative visuals.

#5 They Give Better Social Media Exposure

When users scroll through their mobile phones, only a few of them will pay attention to posts without images. Images also win more space for your post in a long list of content feed, thus your post don’t get lost so easily. Also, there are users who are fond of sharing a page when they feel a special connection to it, even without actually reading what it’s about. To this day, social media is just dull without interesting visuals so make sure yours stand out!

5 Valid Reasons Why Images Can Boost Your Posts

Additional Reasons To Add Pictures

If the first 5 reasons weren’t enough, images:

  • Support your statements.
  • Help create memorable stories.
  • Increase your chances of better ranking in search engines.
  • And images make your pages look more professional.

Today when we post, share, tweet things all day long, images do speak a thousand words, share a thousand feelings, evoke a thousand emotions. Make sure you help your audience connect with you by always including at least one image in every post you make.


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Steps To Conduct An Effective Technical Site Audit

An in-depth site audit can help website’s determine three important things: determine which direction the company is heading with its marketing campaign and link building strategy, figure out if the website is fully optimize to rank well in SERPs, and eventually achieve all business goals.

Did you ever wonder what marketing strategy is appealing to your target audience? Are you using the latest high ranking keywords? Is your content unique enough to stand out from the rest of the posts with similar content? Can you really rank in the search results pages with your link building strategies?

A technical site audit can help you answer these questions and more. You can start with link analysis. Find out the link relevancy, diversity, and authority. There is the user experience analysis where it can give you the data on bounce rate, exit pages, and visitor return. You can also do a citation analysis. This can help you check if your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) is standard and the same across all platforms.

With these analysis, it would be much easier for you to determine which direction to take and if your spot on with your marketing strategy. Neovora has more informative posts about site audit analysis. With the use of a technical audit tool, your business can go a long way! Read full blog here.

SMS and MMS Marketing Is Personal

SMS and MMS are really effective channels for mobile marketing. Over 3.6 billion individuals have the ability to get SMS messages, and 90% of those messages are opened within 3 minutes (compared with 90 minutes for the typical e-mail). Think about:

  • The open rate of SMS is 98% compared with 22% for e-mails.
  • Text messages can be 8x more efficient at engaging clients.
  • Practically 50% of customers in the United States make direct purchases after getting an SMS-branded text.

It is necessary to keep in mind that marketing straight to mobile phones is more individual than targeting an audience through other channels. When reaching somebody on a mobile phone either through e-mail, SMS, or MMS, you are reaching that individual in his/her pocket or bag. Be individual, considerate, and clear:

  • Keep the text under 160 characters.
  • Do not utilize slang or abbreviations.
  • Deal the recipient something of value.
  • Make it clear who is sending out the message.
  • Craft a clear call-to-action.

A comparable method to reach your audience on mobile phones is MMS, or multimedia message service. The distinction is that MMS is a multimedia message that can be sent out peer-to-peer, from a mobile messaging provider or from a site to a cellphone. MMS messages can consist of text, images, videos, audios, or GIFs. Broadened media alternatives permit a more top quality message and produce a much better tie-in to other marketing projects.

Since MMS provides a richer media experience than easy SMS messaging, you ought to take advantage of those additional media alternatives:

  • Consist of engaging visuals.
  • Connect the MMS send out to a multi-channel marketing project.
  • Make the message quickly shareable by means of social networks buttons.

It is very important to take personal privacy policies into factor to consider with SMS and MMS marketing. Due to the fact that these messages are thought about automatic calls, they fall under the Telephone Customer Security Act (TCPA) of 1991. That indicates there are 3 personal privacy concepts that must govern how you execute SMS and MMS into your marketing:

  • Sufficient notification-- You must notify customers that they will be getting SMS messages from a concrete shortcode-based program.
  • Opt-in approval-- You need to get opt-in verification prior to sending out marketing SMS and MMS messages. Online types to enter your SMS or MMS program needs a double opt-in.
  • Pulling out-- It needs to be extremely clear how somebody can pull out of your program.
  • SMS and MMS are really individual, and hence extremely effective, mobile marketing alternatives. Make certain to manage them with tact and comprehensive technique.

Find our more about SMS and MMS Marketing with SEO Experts.

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3 Crucial Steps In Technical Site Audit

Improving your website performance through progressive visitor traffic, marketing strategies that truly work, and the best practices in SEO link building tactics. There is no denying the fact that there are numerous ways to build up your website and drive a great number of traffic every month.

However, none of these tactics will work without a truthful diagnoses of your website’s current performance and search ranking. How do you find out which strategic campaigns is pulling up the numbers you so desire? You can figure it all out by doing a technical site audit.

Though an SEO audit, you will see the bigger picture, an in-depth map of the areas pulling you down, the spot that needs some more polishing, and the techniques that has been working for you.

Through SEO audit, you can start sorting out the tactics that hasn’t been helping you gain traffic, before you start re-organizing your materials and adding a new game plan to a better performing website.

Check out the Internet Marketing Albuquerque’s top three crucial steps to a successful technical site audit. By knowing where you are currently at in your marketing campaign, you will know whether to take a new route or to keep your current marketing plans by tweaking it just a little bit. Learn more about the 3 Crucial Steps In Technical Site Audit.

Or you can watch this video we prepared for you.

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Local Ranking Factors 2017 | Where To Focus Your SEO Drive

Google has made sure that consumers are given the best options and services by local businesses, and in return these customers trusts ‘Mr. G.’ to give them the top businesses in their local community when searching through their mobile devices. And as the competition gets tougher and the demand to work harder on creating a reputable presence online, local companies must place importance on how proximity can increase visibility and drive traffic to their local store. It’s a fact that business name, address, and phone number (NAP), unique company description, and readable content are the major components to be featured in the top 20 businesses, but proximity beats them all. If the potential customer isn’t near your store location at the time of search, your store may not be included in the top list. So how do you beat proximity then? The concept is simple, which is a common concept we implement on our SEO Albany marketing strategy - it is to give your business website more value through authority backlinks, consistent citations in all directory websites, and proper categorization of your business. Don’t stay in the dark second guessing what needs to be done for your company to rank in the top local list. We have a team dedicated to accomplish all this more, all for the success of your business goals!

Learn more about Local Ranking Factors 2017 | Where To Focus Your SEO Drive.

How Can Connect Structure Advantage A Company?

There are other advantages to connect structure, however, that might be less instantly apparent yet still deserving of factor to consider.

Structure relationships

Link structure can typically include outreach to other pertinent sites and blog sites in your market. This outreach regularly connects to the promo of something that you have actually simply produced, such as a piece of material or an infographic. A typical objective of outreach is to obtain a link, however there is far more to it than simply this: Outreach can assist you construct long-lasting relationships with crucial influencers in your market, and these relationships can imply that your service ends up being extremely related to and relied on. This in itself is important, even if we forget link structure for a moment, due to the fact that we are developing real evangelists and supporters for our service. Find out more about NEOVORA SEO.

Sending out recommendation traffic

We've discussed the effect of links on your rankings, however exactly what about the effect of links on recommendation traffic? An excellent link from a highly-visited site can cause a boost in traffic, too. If it is an appropriate site, opportunities are that the traffic is likewise appropriate and might lead to a boost in sales. Once again, in this scenario the worth of a link isn't really almost SEO-- it has to do with consumers. A fantastic example of this in action was this visitor post composed by Michael Ellsberg on Tim Ferriss' blog site. He likewise composed a case study on Forbes discussing simply how important this visitor post was to him. "There's a huge distinction in between being exposed to a big audience," he states, "and being exposed to a relatively smaller sized (however still big) audience which is extremely enthusiastic." To puts it simply, the passionate fans of a single blog site were much more most likely to take the suggestions of the blog writer than (for instance) audiences were to focus on the anchor on CNN, even if the latter group surpassed the previous.

Brand name structure

Great link structure can assist construct your brand name and develop you as an authority in your specific niche. There are some link structure methods, such as content production, which can reveal individuals the proficiency of your business, and this can go a long way towards constructing your brand name. If you produce a piece of material based upon market information and release it, you have a possibility of ending up being well understood for it in your market. When you do outreach and aim to get connect to the material, you are revealing your proficiency and asking other individuals in your market to assist get the word out and reveal others the very same.