Monday, February 29, 2016

Words of Wisdom!

When should you do market research? You’re moving into a new market. You’re introducing a new product. Your market is naturally dynamic and periodic analysis is necessary to stay on track. A drastic economic change has occurred. Sales and/or current customer satisfaction has dropped rapidly. Customers are increasingly defecting to your competitors. It’s been a while since you’ve done any thorough market research. You’ve been making decisions based on your own opinions and assumptions. For more marketing tips, be sure to follow us. We post #motivation #quotes and #marketing tips daily! Visit to see our most current posts and other relevant marketing material!

Words of Wisdom!

"He who can do this has the whole world. He who cannot walks a lonely way." -Dale Carnegie The epic book, best-selling How To Win Friends and Influence People as a wealth of knowledge. All of it is applicable to social media also. Don't be negative and create enemies, create passion. If you are successful in proving them wrong, their pride will not let them give in. Regardless of being right or wrong, you are creating issues within the relationship. Thinking in terms of the other persons interests is enormously powerful. See the world from their eyes and you can help catapult their abilities. People who can put themselves in the place of other people, who can understand the workings of their minds, never need worry what the future has in store for them. Visit our marketing blog to see our most current posts!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Words of Wisdom!

“Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever.” Daniel Goleman The era we live in is amazing! Take a recent trip I took, and compare it with a similar trip my father took 3 decades ago. I was in Rishikesh, India, and was able to Facetime my friends and family, and send pictures of the crazy things that were happening. Things were different for my father’s generation. He was in India and didn’t know about the Chernobyl disaster for 3 weeks after it happened. To communicate with his family, he had to guesstimate where he would be in 6 months, and have mail postmarked to that city, so he could pick up any correspondence. Because of technology and social media, amazing things are possible. Take Tahrir Square and Arab Spring for example. Visit our marketing blog to see our most current posts!

Words of Wisdom!

Blog Post: Mobile Technology’s Impact on Your Business Productivity & Profitability Mobile website optimization has become a hot topic since Google’s “Mobilegeddon” announcement on April 21st of 2015. You see, Google wants a great user experience… and the hottest business development within the last few years has been mobile technology used by worldwide consumers. The demand for access to business information and applications via mobile technologies such as the iPhone from Apple or Google’s Android, or even the Windows 7 Mobile has risen to become a consumer preference tool you need to add into your business workforce. 3 Different Types of Mobile Websites Basically there are 3 options: The Responsive Design, the Dynamic and the “M” site or Mobile Site. The Responsive Design allows for content to move around and shift to conform to the size of the device on which it is viewed. Content literally responds to the size of your screen. As for the Dynamic Mobile Design, also called the user-agent approach, it can detect which type of device is requesting the web page so that it can render the compatible or appropriate content to it. The server responds with different HTML and CSS, which are just web programming codes, on the same URL depending on the user agent requesting the page. Now for the ‘M” site or Mobile Design, it as an abbreviation or summary of your current website. Think of it as a smaller rearranged version of your current website that fits perfectly with the screen of any smartphone. You get to keep your current desktop website as it is, avoiding any changes to it. Follow us to keep getting fresh content daily on the best methods to grow your business through social and digital strategy.
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Words of Wisdom!

1. Customer LTV is not a strategy, but an analytical tool. Customer Lifetime Value can be an excellent analytical tool to evaluate future investments. You can calculate LTV (Life Time Value) and use it together with other parameters to support your strategy. 2. Customer Lifetime Value is not just one number – it should be different numbers for different types of customers. Chances are, your business has a variety of different types of customers and one single estimation doesn’t reflect all of them. Remember that different acquisition channels can generate more LTV than others, with organic search to generate more LVT than average in comparison with other channels in retail and e-commerce businesses. 3. You should be very careful with your CLV methods when a very large percentage of it is at risk in the future. It is wiser to spend some of your money on retaining current customers than risking acquiring new ones. If you still insist on spending a large amount of first transaction profit on customer acquisition, make sure you closely monitor and analyze the results as the risk of failing (and losing money) is way higher. 4. Customer Lifetime Values are not static…they change over time. It is wrong to assume that by keeping acquisition costs lower than the current Customer Lifetime Value, you will have a certain amount of revenue many years from now. Chances are that if you measure CLV one year from now, you will see a different number, even within the same channels. Visit the link in our bio for more blog posts on all things CLV and other topics.

Words of Wisdom!

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Friday, February 26, 2016

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How Online Shopping Can Impact Your Business

Neovora is a digital marketing firm. We specialize in local seo for professionals around the Americas. Visit our SEO blog to see our most current posts! Our newest blog post:Technology's Impact on your Business, extra traffic, internet, Website

13+1 Awesome Reasons WHY And HOW You Should Be Using Instagram For Your Business’ Social Media Marketing

Neovora is a digital marketing firm. We specialize in local seo for professionals around the Americas. Visit our SEO blog to see our most current posts! Our newest blog post:Social Media Marketing

Sunday, February 14, 2016

5 Simple Steps To A Constant Flow Of High-CLV Leads

Neovora is a digital marketing firm. We specialize in local seo for professionals around the Americas. Visit our SEO blog to see our most current posts! Our newest blog post:CLV

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New and Improved Local Search Expert Quiz: What's Up with Local SEO in 2016?

Think you're up on the latest developments in local SEO? 

One year ago we asked you to test your local SEO knowledge with the Local Search Expert Quiz. Because the SERPs are changing so fast and (according to our latest Industry Survey) over 42% of online marketers report spending more time on local search in the past 12 months, we've created an updated version

Written by local search expert Miriam Ellis, the quiz contains 40 questions designed to test both your general local SEO knowledge and your industry awareness. Bonus? 

The quiz takes less than 10 minutes to complete.
Ready to get started?
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