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Top 6 Optimization Use Of Photos For Your GMB Page

Top 6 Optimization Use Of Photos For Your GMB Page

Setting up a Google My Business (GMB) profile is now a common marketing strategy for small to medium businesses wanting to grow their business or for online marketing SEOs helping business owners gain more traffic and visibility.

Most of our marketing strategies and website promotion for local SEO Fresno and SEO Knoxville take part in compiling these helpful tips, aiming to guide businesses to lead domination and sales increase.

Countless numbers of helpful articles and online guide are all over the web with one common purpose – to help local companies gain an edge over their competitors and rank higher in Google’s Map Local 3-Pack. With similar information scattered around, finding the most logical and applicable advice should be a priority.

The Power Of Image Story-Telling

Internet-Marketing-Round-Rock-NeovoraWith the many things you can do to promote your business in GMB, starting off with the easiest, most basic action step could bring you a long way. Nowadays, images can be produced without difficulty, with high quality photos often telling a lot about the brand. It is an alternative way to tell people what your business is, what you are offering, the services you provide, and what the customers will miss if they choose not to visit your place.

By painting a thousand words without relying on content alone, you can promote your business with breath-taking images.

GMB Profile Images

With GMB, adding different types of pictures on your account not only improves the effectiveness of the page, it’s also an outlet for company owners to showcase the best pictures they have to promote the store. Much like taking extra time to beautify your personal Facebook profile page to gain likes, your GMB works just the same.

For Profile

This one should be the best representation of your business, enabling any customer to recognize your store across Google. If you opt for a subtle or serene, colorful or black and white picture, it matters that it’s a reflection of your brand’s personality. The ideal size is 250×250 pixels.

For Cover

This will be displayed in your Google + page, which should be a grand showcase of your offers and services. Find the best spot in your store or location, snap a shot, enhance it and then add it as a cover photo. The best dimension is 2120 x 1192 pixels.

For Brand Logo

This is typically the 250×250 version of your company logo. If it doesn’t fit the ideal dimension, find ways to tweak it in some ways to get the desired size. Google allows owners to recommend an image to be displayed alongside your brand name on Google Search and Maps.

Aside form these primary images that needs to be added, there other pictures you can include in your GMB page for optimization and better visual impact.

Interior View

Give customers a real-life feel of the ambiance and setting of your place. These photos should entice them to come and experience the service themselves, make their mouths water with the table and food presentation, give them a taste of the comfort your company can give with the furniture placement and accommodation.

Exterior View

Show them a popular signage or street or landmark that is close to your location. Let them see how your shop or store looks like from the outside on each direction. Let them see the well lighted streets, the people flocking in to experience your services.

Product Samples

This one should be easy. Food bloggers never fail to post pictures of great food and great eats every day. Online clothing stores flaunt their latest collections and popular designs. You should do the same with your products, if it’s food, then get the best photo with the best angle and lighting effects.

The Google Trusted Photographer program provides a list of professional photographers equipped with 360 degree cameras and everything else needed to get a panoramic view of your location, which will give potential customers more reason to try out your service.

You’ll Need More Than Just An Image Gallery

While pictures hold great power in promoting your business, it only does half of the work needed to get the results you desire to have. With our expertise, our local SEO Knoxville campaigns don’t just focus on image optimization. We provide content creation, management and promotion so your images do not just tell a story, it creates a storybook about what your business is all about.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mobile Friendliness | A New Generation For Page Ranking

Google rises in the advancement of a mobile-friendly formula that motivates all websites in revamping the mobile experience of their users. Knoxville SEO with its competence in lead generation, has helped clients obtain improved mobile views.

Remaining At The Forefront In The Ranking Page

Based on Google updates, mobile friendliness will substantially influence a website's position in the search engine. When developing a site or upgrading a currently existing one, if the entire site could not be updated right away, at least make sure that the bulk of your traffic is directed to the pages that are now mobile friendly.

Website visitors nowadays make use of mobile devices more often to access almost anything and everything in the web. Devices are much less cumbersome, very easy to hand-carry, and also could fit in tiny bags. Mobile browsing isn't really as enjoyable if the website isn't really mobile-friendly.

Knoxville SEO | Inspect Your Mobile Friendliness

With the assistance of these reminders, one could self inspect if the website friendly to users on any type of device.

  1. A software program that isn't really usual on mobile phones (Flash is an example) may offer your website lower opportunity of being ranked as mobile-friendly.
  2. Web content dimension need to be the ideal dimension. This will certainly get rid of zooming in or out, or scrolling left to right to view the whole page.
  3. Text style and format plays a crucial role. Messages that are legible, very easy and clear on the eyes crucial when reading.
  4. Hyperlinks must have sufficient areas in between. By doing so, it would certainly be less complicated for the individual to touch the appropriate web link.

Don’t Miss That Click And Update Your Site

This upgrade on the search engine optimization is not obligatory, but it is valuable for your website to get direct exposure via Google's efficient ranking formula. Knoxville SEO has been taking pleasure in improving sites that are now more mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.

Learn about Neovora and how we work in Knoxville marketing.

Bounce Rate And Website Objective Come Hand In Hand

Bounce Rate Affects Your Website Goal

In the online marketing website traffic analysis, the percent of the visitors that go into the website then leaves (bounce) rather than stay check out the other pages of the website is called the Bounce Rate. It mirrors the performance of the website in maintaining audiences, urging them to discover more about the site then just leaving after reaching a certain page.

Just what makes a visitor remain on your website? What motivates them to navigate further into other inner pages? Will it adversely impact your Fresno SEO standing if site visitors leave immediately after reaching your website?

Does High Bounce Rate Equal To Exposure Doom?

Equally as there is both negative and positive side, high bounce rate do not quickly translate to a website failing. In many cases, a high percent of visitors leaving right after reaching a certain page will certainly not count against the website.

These are pages that doesn’t lead to another page. Examples would be a page with a 1-800 number to call or an online form that needs to be filled out.

Improving Bounce Rate Improves Fresno SEO

Improving the bounce rate of your internet site might require a great deal of job, yet with an efficient Fresno SEO, your opportunity of decreasing the number could be as quick as a five-minute exercise.

Including a page link in the material of various web pages will certainly enhance the website traffic. If more clickable, fascinating web links such as "More useful suggestions below" or "Find out comparable actions below" are hyperlinked, after that there is a better opportunity that the audience will certainly remain much longer on your website.

Improving the material of your website will certainly draw in a lot more viewers. When a site visitor finds one web page helpful or enjoyable, and finding it interesting enough, he is more likely to navigate through the site to find out more about the subject.

Keyword optimization drives much more visits on particular web pages in your website. Frequently utilized and straightforward keywords included throughout your content makes it much easier for Google to rank the page higher.

Learn more about Neovora Fresno.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Stay Competitive In Google’s Local 3-Pack

Stay Competitive In Google’s Local 3-Pack

There is no changing the fact that the Local Pack display in Google Map’s search results page has been brought down to 3. Well, no announcement yet of another major update coming anytime soon.

Along with this significant update are the changes on the information displayed with the business being featured in search engine results page (SERP).

This was hot news for all SEO experts and their corresponding marketing strategies, everyone fearing how businesses and websites will par with existing top list. And it is still today, forcing SEOs to come up with new ways to market web pages and build links.

Our SEO Fresno campaign understands the importance of ranking higher in searches, while ultimately working our way to lead local companies in the 3-Pack spot.

Several questions, very important points at that, have been raised and answering them with a comprehensive and detailed content will help small and medium companies assert which path to take to stay competitive locally. Our SEO Albuquerque has an informative content about the recent changes.

How Does The Change Affect Traffic And Visibility?

SEO FresnoLessening the number of featured store location in SERP understandably will lessen the number of businesses being exposed to online searchers – that doesn’t sound very helpful to anyone wanting to grow in their local market. But although the number decreased, it may have greater impact on improving traffic.

Just how can it affect the website’s visibility and site traffic?

It depends on the searchers physical location.

In recent experiments conducted by several SEO firms, it shows that there is a slight change of featured businesses in every search as well as their 3-Pack ranking spot. Take for example the shops in San Mateo Boulevard. The top 3 ranking shops would vary depending on where the searcher is currently at.

H4: It depends on the 20-business list Google Map populates.

Before the 3-Pack update, searchers can easily see the phone number and the Google My Business (GMB) link; now, they will be directed further to the 20-business list map view to retrieve contact information and address.

It depends on credible organic results.

Users are more likely to check results that are closely relevant to what they want to find compared to clicking advertisement links. In line with this, your company still has the chance to rank higher in the top 20 list when it comes to organic results.

How To Stay Competitive In The Local Pack?

Nowadays, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in marketing strategies is your modern battle plan in this war of SERP ranking and traffic driving. And just by knowing what else can you do to push your business to the top, Google might find your GMB worth featuring in the local maps.

How do you stay competitive then?

It’s Not A Cause For Panic

If the business isn’t there yet, this shouldn’t be a cause to panic. It doesn’t directly translate to failure to rank better or that your SEO and marketing efforts are a waste.

The searcher’s local IP address is a heavy determining factor for Google to display the top ranking local businesses. What one searcher sees from his mobile device may be different from the person standing meters away from him. So even if your GMB page isn’t ranking well in your ranking reports, you may find it listed in the 20-businesss list or anywhere on the 3-Pack.

Check The Top 20 List

Being in the top 20 list is a good start. This place will still give your store more chances of ranking higher. The ranking of businesses doesn’t change much, which means, irregardless of the searchers location, once you’re there, you’ll get the exposure you deserve.

To ensure that you stay in this list you have to meet the following:

  • Your Google My Business (GMB) page should contain the important information about your store such as a unique description of the company, the permanent address consistent with the website and local directory address, pictures relevant to your brand, services, and products, and its appropriate category.
  • Earn positive reviews. Nothing beats the credibility and good performance of your store when positive reviews from customers are given. Find ways to encourage customers to leave a good feedback, which will definitely reflect on your GMB page.
  • Store hours needs to be accurate. Providing exactly what time the store opens and closes on weekdays and weekends will help your customers plan out when can they visit your place. It must be accurate.

Localize backlink building. Localizing your SEO link building, linking your website to local business that are relevant and similar to what you offer, is the best way to increase your local visibility.

Learn More Localized Marketing Strategies

As simple as it may sound, some of these useful tips can be a lot of load and finding time to work on your ranking above your full business schedule might be too much to handle. Check out Bright Local’s feature article for other useful information.

Our local Fresno SEO agency has the right tools to cover everything you need to do to improve your local standing. Take some time to rest while we work on our proven solutions to get you off the top 20 list and into the 3-Pack spot.

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

How Google’s Local 3-Pack Favors Mobile Websites

How Google’s Local 3-Pack Favors Mobile Websites

Getting the top spot in Google’s search page is like winning the lottery tenfold. It is the most sought after spot for businesses aiming to generate better online visibility and bigger online fanbase.

For companies that made it to the top spot, staying in that spot requires more search engine optimization efforts on both the owner and the SEO team. However, smaller companies awaiting to get featured in the 3-Pack have to work triple times, and this is where SEO Albuquerque experts take an important role.

The Google Map Local Pack started with 7 before it went down to 3. This major change is perceived to address mobile users and their browsing convenience. Displaying 7 results won’t fit on a mobile screen and the last 4 search results weren’t getting so much traffic, therefore narrowing it down to 3 is more effective.

According to Stephan Futeral in his Guide to Understanding Google’s Local 3-Pack, rather than phone numbers usually being displayed in the pack, more often than not, it shows store hours and addresses – having added a button tap to call the store so displaying the phone number is no longer needed.

Futeral mentioned that a consistent Name/Address/Phone Number (NAP) is quite important, since an accurate and correct NAP holds great weight. If Google sees that this information is the same across different platforms, then most likely, the rankings will improve since this is a clear indication that it’s current and active, and so is your trade.

The ‘Local Intent’ Should Be Present

SEO AlbaquerqueHow does Google determine which local company to promote in the 3-Pack map? The top businesses aren’t featured by mere coincidence or just because they rank higher than the rest. This is all based on what the users are searching on the web.

When there is ‘local intent’ factor in a search, automatically the 3-Pack will show up at the top of the results page. There is no definite or official statement from Big G but generally these type of searches have local intent:

  1. When geographic references (such as city name, state, or zip code) are included in searched phrases. Examples like ‘expert SEO Omaha service’ or ‘popular salad bars in NYC’ populates the 3-Pack.
  2. The ‘near me’ or any similar search terms
  3. Searches for services provided by businesses such as ‘gym’, ‘restaurant’ or ‘tailor shop’

With this in mind, it matters to know where to direct and focus your efforts in building site traffic and the appropriate budget allocation to complete the task. SEO experts would want to know where in the online market you would want  to penetrate.

The GMB Profile | What Can It Do?

The Google My Business (GMB) profile is basically your official online company profile. It is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses, brands, organizations and artists to manage their online presence across Google, including Maps and Search. By adding the official information, you can help customers find your location and learn what’s in-store for them.

Create A GMB Profile

Firstly, creating a GMB page is important. Add in your shop information especially the name, address, and phone number. Secondly, verify your business with Google. This may take awhile but as long as you have the permanent  phone number and address, you are almost good to go.

GMB Profile Optimization

Adding your official information isn’t enough to get a spot in the 3-Pack. There’s more work to be done before your business gets the chance to place in the coveted spot. Improving the official information however way you can would really help in your ranking. Do the following:

  1. Provide accurate information on your profile.
  2. Make sure your business is verified.
  3. Keep your availability and service hours accurate.
  4. Add photos of the business, location, services offered, and customer experience.
  5. Manage and respond to consumer reviews and inquiries.

Good Reviews, Good Trade

Positive and honest reviews from clients and customers have a great impact on your trade. You don’t need webmasters or expensive marketing strategies to get reviews. So long as your website is mobile friendly and customers have Wi-Fi access while in your location, with a little persuasion, they can easily leave reviews for your product or service.

Reviews have a remarkable influence on the Google Local Pack rankings.

Your Business Deserves That Top Spot

Like many businesses, every owner deserves to rank high on the search page. Your store might have a place in the local 3-Pack when customers search for the type of service or product you sell. Just make sure to keep an eye on every update Google announces as they continue to alter and improve what it takes to rank in the local search.

In our continuous effort to help small businesses, SEO Albuquerque applies all updates by Google’s search engine algorithms in all our online marketing and web publishing strategies. We focus on local lead generation and business domination. We can help you achieve a commendable GMB page and so much more!


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