Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Words of Wisdom!

Is Your Social Media Strategy Delivering Results? You may be missing out if you are not diligently following a tested strategy. Social media is major these days and one of the best ways to engage your customers. We cover the most common mistakes in our blog post about the most common and dire mistakes that managers are making everyday. Mistake #1: You don’t have a social media marketing strategy (but you think you do). Mistake #2: You have too many accounts in too many platforms, too soon. Mistake #3: You are paying for fake likes and followers. Social media marketing has to be done right, or not done at all. Before starting to move forward with your social media campaigns, make sure you set realistic, both short-term and long-term goals, and that you focus on crafting really good content that answers the questions of real people. Start today and see your business growing tomorrow! #socialmedia #marketing #marketingtips #neovora Visit neovora.com to see our most current posts and other relevant marketing material!