Monday, April 11, 2016

Client Lifetime Value | Wilmington SEO Company

Client Lifetime Value | Wilmington SEO Company Are you measuring client lifetime value? If not, you can dramatically alter your business practices by measuring each client's lifetime value: Client Lifetime Value is something that Neovora knows well. We are a Wilmington SEO Company, and one that knows local SEO. Apart from internet marketing, digital marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, and social media marketing, improving CLV is what we do. This is through business metrics, but also with email marketing, referral and testimonial systems, and other strategic systems that all small and medium sized local businesses need to implement!! Be sure to check out the previous video in our Wilmington SEO Agency series here: Be sure to watch our other videos. We are a Wilmington SEO Firm that provides great information for local businesses! You can see how we interact with Wilmington Delaware on these pages here: And of course, look into our internet properties! #social